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Creative Writing Curriculum

Creative Writing


The main goal in Third Grade Creative Writing is to get students used to writing conventions and the writing process while using their imaginations and creativity.

Concepts focused on will include: correct sentence formation, using plot (beginning, middle, and end), using setting and characters, recognizing the writer’s voice, and writing a story that makes sense. 

We will use a writer’s workshop format to create polished stories that the students will bring home “published” at the end of the school year. The writer’s workshop consists of many different steps:

  1. Prewrite – the idea stage
  2. Draft – starting the story
  3. Revision – by the writer and then a peer
  4. Edit – with the teacher*
  5. Publish – to special published work paper and add a picture if desired.

*Expect mistakes. Students’ finished work will reflect their developmental levels. We will be focusing on one writing goal at a time and will be looking for growth and improvement over the school year.

Grades are determined by participation.