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Mrs. Pitts' Science Syllabus

Mrs. Pitts’ Syllabus

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Course Title: Science

Room Number:  622

Planning time:  8:35-9:15 or 11:05-11:45am (depending on Band Schedule)

School Email: 

Syllabus LINK                          


Your web page:


Online Textbook Resources:     

Carolina Biological


Oklahoma Academic Standards for this class:



Scope & Sequence of Learning:  

Link to page


Teaching Methods: 

Before each learning standard, I give students a formative assessment.

I teach using the 5E Model:

Engage (Introduce the phenomenon)

Explore (Provide opportunities for experiments, articles, videos, small group and large group discussions)

Explain (Students share what they learned. They may design their own experiment, make a model, or share in discussions.)

Elaborate (Revise models, test a new variable, asks questions, makes connections, engages in argument,)

Evaluate (Self assessment, Claim-Evidence-Reason, Exit ticket, summative assessment)

Zoom sessions with scientists and experts


Supplemental Materials:  

Mystery Science

Generation Genius



NGSS Storylines

Study Island

Scholastic Study Jams

Ted Ed videos

Crash Course Kids Videos

National Air and Space Museum curriculum


NASA Space Place


Kesler Science Community


Distance Learning: 

In the event we have to move to distance learning, students will be given assignments through Google Classroom. The Zoom call links will be listed in the stream portion of their Google Classroom. Students are expected to arrive in the waiting room 5 minutes prior to start time. Videos must be on and microphones muted.


Assessments and Grading: 

Students will be given a formative assessment at the beginning of each learning standard, and a summative assessment at the end to show growth. 


Grades are based on a points system:

Group work: 10-50 points based on difficulty

Checkpoint quizzes: 10 points

Independent work: 50-100 points based on difficulty

Summative Assessments: 100 points


Students scoring below a 70% will have an opportunity to redo the assignment and will receive an average score of grade received with the revised score.


Grading Scale:

90-100 A

80-89   B

70-79   C

60-69   D

Below 60 F


Tests Required:  

OSTP State Test in Science


Homework Guidelines: 

  • Work not completed in class is homework and due the following day.

  • During the second semester, assigned homework will be sent home on the first day of the week and due the last day of the week.

  • Projects will be assigned in advance, and a due date will be communicated to parents via our Weekly Note.


Helping all Students Learn: 

  • Students will work independently and in groups. Assignments will be on grade level. Students needing extra support will work with a partner or team. Students needing enrichment may work on a project that aligns with the standards or work on Gizmos.



  • Parents should check Teacherease to locate information about their child’s progress.

  • Fifth grade teachers will email a Weekly Note each Friday with general information and each subject.

  • Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via email ( We can set up a time to conference if necessary. 


  • Syllabus is subject to change. Changes will be noted in the weekly newsletter.

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