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Review OSDH’s new COVID guidance here (01/10/22)




Oakdale School monitors the weekly Oklahoma County COVID risk data as well as our internal positive cases. We seek guidance from the Oklahoma City-County Health Department’s epidemiologist, our Oakdale Public Health Advisory Team, and other state agencies as necessary. As we shift up or down from one color level to another, this collective information guides our decision-making process.

There is another important factor we must also consider; we must be able to maintain an adequate number of healthy employees that report to work. Staff availability and our ability to secure substitute teachers, bus drivers, and other personnel greatly impact our ability to keep the school open.

Thank you for your ongoing support, understanding, and cooperation during these challenging times!

Dr. Joe Pierce, Superintendent


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The Oakdale Public Health Advisory Team is a group of parents and medical and/or public health experts. The team is advisory in nature and does not make policy. It responds to specific questions posed by the Board or by the Administration and reviews, from time to time, particular matters as are helpful to the conducting of school business.

  • Paul Dasari, MD, MPH:  Pediatric endocrinologist at Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

  • Jennifer Lepard, PhD, MPH: Former Chief Operating Officer for the Oklahoma State Department of Health and currently the Chief of Health and Community Partnerships at the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

  • Lynn Mitchell, MD, MPH: Chief Medical Officer, Chief Wellness Officer, OU Physicians Associate Dean for Clinical Practice, OU Health Sciences Center. Dr. Mitchell is the former Prevention and Preparedness Director for the Oklahoma State Department of Health

  • Brian Plaxico, DO: Emergency Medicine physician at Oklahoma ER & Hospital