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Congratulations to Rayan Sawan who received 2nd place in the Law Day 8th Grade Writing contest!  click here to read his entire essay

Thank you Oakdale families for your generosity and support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Coin Drive we did in conjunction with Oakdale’s Book Fair. We were able to raise $2,755 to halp make a special girl’s wish come true.  

We appreciate each one of you! 


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FOR CURRENT 5th, 6th, AND 7th GRADERS . . .

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Oklahoma SDE's Report Cards

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I am sending this to you and it will also be on the web page for your reference.  This is just a recap of the information I have sent out concerning the bond issue for buses that we have coming up.  The highlights:

  • $600K
  • No tax increase (comes on tax roll in two years)
  • Has to be used for buses and nothing else
  • Replaces buses does not add to the fleet
  • 5 full size buses plus a smaller bus with a lift
  • Repair savings, new safety features, standard replacement time (10 years)
  • Vote same day as school board position – April 2nd
  • 50% required to elect school board members - 60% required to pass a bond


The newest safety feature I have been able to put on the bus is the 360 degree outside camera view.  In addition to internal cameras (3), a complete view outside of the bus will be possible for the driver.  This amazing improvement along with power adjustable mirrors are major safety items when you are driving a school bus.


The new election laws have changed things up a bit.  In the past February was filled with election information and now the voting date is the first Tuesday in April.  This year Oakdale will be choosing between two school board candidates and will be voting on a transportation issue.


The transportation issue is for new school buses.  We did buy two small, 15 passenger, activity vehicles earlier but those are not considered school buses.  By the way, they have worked out great!  Thanks from cheerleading, academic teams, football, volleyball, and everyone else who uses them on a regular basis.  Transportation bonds can only be used for the Yellow Buses.  We are replacing our buses, not adding to them – except we will purchase one more than we have now.  The old buses will be traded in and we will get some credit back for them.  The new buses will have two stop signs, camera systems, lane stay and stopping assist, and all the other safety features.  Plus – I may be able to keep them all running at the same time.  Below is a link to an article from the Edmond Sun.


This year we have spent $22,607.65 on bus repairs.  This does not include anything other than keeping the buses mechanically ready to drive.  We have spent that much and still have a bus not running.  It has been a little frustrating – but, there is also a note of thanks.  The two white “buses” we purchased earlier are actually classified as 14 passenger vans.  Much safer.  They cannot be used for student transportation to and from school. They are strictly for events and do not require a school bus license to drive.  They have been wonderful.  A great solution. Thanks for those.


On April 2, we have a bond issue to purchase new buses not only so we can help eliminate the continuing maintenance problem but also to upgrade to new buses with enhanced safety features such as dual stop arms, camera systems, and driving assistance.  The bond issue is for $600,000.  It can only be used for buses – nothing else.  If all of it is not used, the remaining proceeds go back into the tax fund.  Regardless, the bond issue will not increase taxes.  April 2 – Big Yellow Buses that the wheels go round and round.


Our bus drivers looked over and drove around a new school bus this week.  I thought they would be excited.  Evidently, looking at new school buses does not have the same allure as looking at new Corvettes.  Corvettes only seat two, new buses would seat 71.  Remember that bond and school board elections are April 2nd.  School board members are elected by a simple majority, bonds have to pass by 60%.  If you have any questions about the bond issue –

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